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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the front runner in all the ways websites earn money. Now a days it is next to impossible to find a commercial website which is not linked to some or the other affiliate program. Just find the list of affiliate programs in our Affiliate program section. We have a comprehensive list of all the affiliate programs.

Just check in!

Some of the top affiliate programs are listed below:



Shaadi.com Matrimonials


Bidvertiser allows businesses to sdvertise across thousands of websites on a pay per click basis:

They claim to be useful for businesses in the following ways:

1. Browse our categorized directory of websites.

2. Select the appropriate ones for your business.

3. Set your desired geographic targeting.

4. Set your pay per click bids.

5. Your ads are up and running!

In addition,they provide a scope of driving traffic to EBAY items too!

What more, the PAY you $20 to advertise for just a signup!!


Don't You think SEO fuel your site earnings. Join this program and have content driving your business! And if content is king, who is there to stop you from getting a decent earnings!! Moreover you get $100 in FREE links!!


Clickbank is having tens of thousands of products that are traded via its thousands and thousands of users!! This digital product marketplace has paid over $1.6 Billions to its affiliates in the past over 10 years and is still the leader in the business of digital product selling.

Clickbank has a huge pool of advertisers, publishers as well as products and has a tremendous track record of providing a quality earning! You may check some of the featured clickbank ads below:


Adbrite is one of the leaders of the affiliate market and has top notch advertisers as well as publishers in its kitty. They offer good number of ad formats as well as customizing. In addition, they allow you to set a limit on the minimum amount to be paid by the advertiser.


They are relatively new in the industry but are gaining a good amount of products as well as publishers. Join this program and check the wonderful products it has!

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery



If you have an appetite of selling softwares, you are at the right place. They have a huge pool of software products like Symentec

If you have an appetite of selling softwares, you are at the right place. They have a huge pool of software products like Kaspersky.


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