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The make or break decision for your business! If you don't choose wisely, you won't be earning smartly! Yes thats a fact. Many a business are just dying because of the bad hosts they take and then continue. Choosing a good host will help you smoothen your business and you make apply your time & efforts in another things.

How to choose a webhost?

The cyberspace is flooded with the "experts" on the subject who themselves have little or no experience in the web hosting. They have taken(or rather tried) a web host AND selling or promoting the hosting of this or some other provider. For this they join the AFFILIATE PROGRAMS & earning commissions. Its just pure business no knowledge. Frankly speaking, we are also doing the same old thing but we are more here to assist you on the web hosting selection also. Let us see some of the top issues related to the web hosting.

What is webspace?

Well it is the real estate of your website. If you are planning to launch a website or have one, it will decide how much things you can ADD in it. Web hosts say some quantity, say 5 Gb, which means the memory of ALL the resources including pictures, videos, content, graphics, data etc. cannot exceed 5 Gb. Simillar to purchasing an acre of land. You cannot have your buildings, garage, garden etc beyond that area.

What is Domain?

It is the address of your website. Out of a billion website, how can some one come to you?Just by typing your web address on the browser's address bar and logging!

Types of Web Hosting?

Web hosting is mainly divided into these types:

* Shared Hosting

* VPS hosting

* Dedicated Hosting

* Cloud Hosting

* Co location Hosting

* Reseller Hosting
Shared Hosting, is a basic hosting where you get a lot of features customized for yourself. As the name suggests, your  web host provider has purchase a huge package and now all of this resources are shared between huge customers :) Yeah, it is the case.
The resources a shared between a lot of customers and if your web host is not good, your business is running over a mess guys! Not many of the web hosts are good. You need to choose wisely among the providers. Don't go just for dirt cheap hosting providers, many of them have dirt cheap quality also. Shared hosting is a very economical solution and you will get good hosts at very low price.
For selecting the hosts, you should first check their history as well as their features including the support and the response time. They are good for start ups and newbies.
VPS Hosting on the other hand are more individualized. You have your pie of resources and are safe from the other issues related to the shared hosting. You have more control in a lot of things like the email client as well as the root access. If you have a considerable amount of traffic, better go for VPS hosting that shared as it wont let your business down. VPS is good for web 2.0 startups as well as medium e-commerce websites. Many VPS providers come with bunch of scripts, templates etc.

Dedicated hosting give all the resources to you! You have a dedicated server, bandwidth and a host of features. You have control on your site and traffic. You know that at peak time, your bandwidth may go up to 1000 Gb and so you have taken a 1000 Gb bandwidth! No worry and no downtimes :) All you have to do is to pay a little (well there is hardly any free quality lunch!). While purchasing dedicated server, you have ample choice to configure your server and purchase a package that best suits your needs! This is especially for the serious and the high traffic businesses.

Cloud Hosting is the latest buzzword in the industry. Well, if you have a peak traffic requirement of 1000 Gb on particular time else it is just 200 Gb for majority of time, is it wise to pay for a dedicated server having 1000 Gb bandwidth? If your actual usage is just 500 Gb average and hence you are just paying double!
Cloud hosting solves your problem by letting you a PAY-AS-YOU-GO model. Does any thing needs to be explained more? They have technology like load balancing and will never let you down when you are using more of the resources and at the same time never ask you to pay more when you are using none. Wow!


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The Internet is flooded with many web hosting companies but only a few of them are giving proper products. Choosing wisely your needs will make you a happy business owner :)

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